We accept out of network health insurance for Acupuncture and Physical Therapy. Visit our insurance page to learn more.

If you are a non-insurance patient, you can find our prices for all services below:

Sports Acupuncture

Initial Evaluation (90 minutes): $165
Followup (60 Minutes): $115

Service Packages:
Rates available upon request

Sports Massage

Individual Sessions:
60 minutes: $165
90 Minutes: $235

Service Packages:
Rates available upon request

Physical Therapy

In-person (In-clinic 53rd and Madison):
Evaluation: $225
Follow-up: $200

In-person (Home visit):
Evaluation: $250
Follow-up: $225

Evaluation: $200
Follow-up: $175

Strength and Conditioning

Individual Session (60 minutes): $175

*Contact for Packages

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