Our Story

On Point Sports Care has unique insight into the needs of athletes and active people.

Our Beginnings

Learn about our story and our roots.

After going through years of setbacks in her own athletic career due to injury, it was in late 2011 when Isang Smith started to study different therapies for pain management, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

She went on to obtain her license in massage therapy and Masters of Science and license in acupuncture. In 2016, Isang Smith partnered with Isang Smith partnered with physical therapist Lee Scantalides to open On Point Sports Care.

Our Evolution

Growing the business to new levels.

Isang and Lee opened their first two OPSC locations in New York City in 2017 with the goal to provide the highest level of care through clinical excellence and superior customer service. They both have been successfully treating patients for nearly a decade before, specializing in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injuries.

Their new practice is now a destination for the likes of high school, collegiate, and professional athletes as well as active individuals, industry leaders and celebrities..

What Services We Offer

Our current services that we provide.

Turn theory into practice and make real, tangible movements in your health and performance.

You will experience the benefits of enhanced athletic performance, fewer injuries, restored flexibility and range of motion, and faster recovery from injury. The sessions are also equally effective and therapeutic for chronic pain, rehabilitation from surgery, recovery from injury, and stress relief.

Patient Education

We like to help our clients by providing useful educational information

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