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On Point Sports Care

We are a private practice located in Manhattan offering Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning.

Sports Acupuncture

Incorporates principles and techniques of Chinese Medicine and Orthopedic Medicine to assess and treat patients from an integrative perspective.

Physical Therapy

Our clinicians utilize their unique academic and athletic background to successfully create and implement rehabilitation programs for patients.

Sports Massage

Utilizes massage techniques customized around the phase of training, specific muscles related to injury and/or sport, and optimizes performance.

Strength & Conditioning

Individualized movement programs designed to facilitate gains in strength, power, endurance and movement quality.

Our Therapists

Meet our dedicated team of professional sports clinicians.

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We are located in Manhattan, NY

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As an athlete or active individual, we know you’re as committed to wellness and injury prevention as we are.