Joints love movement and loading!

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Joints love movement and loading!

There is a great deal of misinformation out there regarding joint health and activity. Occasionally, humans are compared to mechanical machines yielding a numerical limit on our body’s ability to sustain load and stress. For instance, one might have heard, “you have only so many bends in your knee before it gives out”. Although this may be somewhat true for a metal machine churning out hundred of thousands of bends/turns in a year, this is NOT the case for humans.

In brief, human bodies are beautifully formed to cooperate with its surroundings, such as gravity. As infants, we spend months upon months, building our spines and nervous system to gain an upright posture against gravity. All this hard work in development yields a greater functional capacity.

We crawl so we can travel small distances and prepare to walk. We walk to travel greater distances and prepare to run. We can squat, balance, and reciprocate our limbs to satisfy our needs for survival. Within our boney structure, we also have an intricate endocrine system that helps regulate cellular metabolism and tissue inflammation/growth. When provided an optimal environment, our systems work cooperatively to keep us healthy.

Check out this interesting ARTICLE about the misconception of “wear and tear” on our knees as we age and move.

Also, here is another recent ARTICLE, discussing the importance of loading against gravity to ensure ligament/joint health.

If you’re uncertain where to start in monitoring your activity and loading strategies, reach out to the On Point Sports Care team, we’re here to help!

As always, move often and move well, and choose activties you enjoy, your body/mind with thank you for it.


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